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Out of the box solutions: In Conversation with Salah Adib, General Manager, Al Masaood Tyres, Batteries, and Accessories

Al Masaood TBA Division has been recognised for recording significant growth trajectory in popularising an all-in-one solution in UAE and taking the brand to new heights, General Manager Salah Adib tells us more

Al Masaood’s Tyres, Batteries, and Accessories (TBA) Division was recently presented with the prestigious Global Mobox Award by Bridgestone in Paris, France, for the successful launch of the Mobox solution in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

When Al Masaood introduced the solution to the region in 2021, it became the first to market the Bridgestone service outside Europe. Since then, it’s been an exhilarating journey for Salah Adib, General Manager, Al Masaood Tyres, Batteries & Accessories Division, and the team.

He explains: “We’ve had a successful year in 2021 with our principal brand Bridgestone supporting us to bring MOBOX – the new and efficient all-in-one subscription package for buying tires and car maintenance services – to Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and the Western region.

“The launch of MOBOX, which we have piloted for the first-time outside Europe, has been a great success as it provides immense value and convenient mobility solutions to our customers. Our strengthened partnership with Bridgestone has enabled us to bring innovative and sustainable mobility solutions and value-added offerings to our customers.”

What is MOBOX?
Mobox is aimed at reducing the possibility of unexpected bills by offering a monthly payment scheme for a range of car services and tires. It is designed to reduce the cost and inconvenience of vehicle maintenance. Bridgestone pioneered Mobox in early 2018 in France and then expanded across other European countries such as Spain, Germany, Italy, and the UK.

The launch of the all-in-one MOBOX subscription service in Abu Dhabi is Bridgestone’s first pilot in the MENA region.

Speaking about the award, Adib says: “This accolade is a testament to our sincere efforts to present modern mobility solutions and services that respond to our customers’ needs. Since its launch, we have witnessed a significant growth in the popularity of MOBOX among our customers, with a substantial number of contracts already sold and no let-up in fresh subscribers. As an organisation that places customer satisfaction as a top priority, we focus on adopting new and simple ways to elevate our customers’ experience with us.”

He believes that customer trends and preferences are continually changing. “Today, customers are more and more seeking simple solutions such as lease-based and subscription-based services. As we constantly monitor new and developing trends, we see MOBOX as an efficient solution to customers’ auto care needs,” Adib notes. “MOBOX is a personal car maintenance subscription that provides customers with a flexible range of services that can be customised such as tires, full warranty, and other car-related services available for a set monthly fee.”

Al Masaood TBA are offering three MOBOX solutions to customers: MOBOX Light, MOBOX Plus and MOBOX Premium. He explains: “These packages include two-four tires and services like tubeless valves, tire fitting, wheel balancing, nitrogen filling, wheel alignment, tire rotation, aircon services, in addition to warranty. Through its monthly subscription scheme, MOBOX can help in reducing the possibility of unexpected bills for tires, as well as reduce the cost and inconvenience of vehicle maintenance.”

Safety and environment-friendly solutions
The division is continually looking at improving driver safety and tire health, the tie up with Bridgestone for MOBOX is just one of its solutions. Others include the Summer Road Safety campaigns and raising awareness about tire safety among truck drivers to name a few.

“We have a primal goal of preserving the safety of our community on the road. Over the past several years, we have taken an active role in the Summer Road Safety campaigns rolled out by Abu Dhabi Police,” Adib divulges. “This year, together with Bridgestone, we teamed up with the Integrated Transport Centre in Abu Dhabi, and Road Safety UAE to raise awareness about tire safety among truck drivers, especially in the hot summer months. The team carried out truck tire condition inspections at the Mussafah truck weighing station in Abu Dhabi, with a total of 276 truck tires being examined during the campaign.”

The division is also looking at sustainability and eco-friendly solutions for its business. “Experts from a wide range of sectors have been collaborating to further improve the energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of the tire of the future during the phases of production, usage, and recycling,” he says. “They have emphasised the necessity to guarantee sustainability, especially in production processes, and to replace tire components with more ecologically friendly material.”

He adds: “As far as we are concerned, TBA is installing EV chargers in some of its prime retail outlets in Abu Dhabi to support the transition from the traditional fuel engine vehicles to EV cars. As a Bridgestone authorised dealer, we are aware that the firm is making investments in tire development technologies to support EVs on a worldwide scale. The Japanese tire company anticipates changing its tire offering to address some pressing EV issues.

Fostering employee-oriented growth
Overall, Al Masaood TBA under Adib’s able leadership has prospered. Speaking about his role at the division, he says: “As the head of this department, I ensure its overall operational efficiency – including increasing profitability prospects and maintaining highest standards of customer satisfaction. To keep up with the market trends and adjust to our customers’ changing needs, we are continually seeking to improve our service offerings and elevate our customer experience.”

He adds: “Our company’s success is based on keeping things simple, coupled with our investment in employee skill development. Today, we have young and creative professionals that help us generate new, productive, and out-of-the-box business growth ideas. I believe that the wellbeing of our employees is paramount in the success of our company as they are our most important assets. So, I ensure that they stay motivated by going beyond formalities through ‘personal leadership.’

For Adib, his goal is to keep serving customers to best of their ability through offering quality and value-added soft tire and pitstop auto care services in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and the Western Region. He adds: “My team and I are working relentlessly to present a professional and convenient experience to customers that answers to their needs. We also are continuously working towards further improving our range of offerings and technical services, all the while keeping the safety and wellbeing of our Abu Dhabi community top of mind.”

He concludes: “We started the year on a high note and are looking forward to a busy and fruitful remainder of the year.”