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Mayple: Modernising Platforms For Global Supply Chains

Ammar Moiz, the Founder and CEO of Mayple, explores how the UAE is important to the company’s growth plans and why Mayple is distinctive. By providing quick and affordable solutions, Mayple, a digital global supply chain platform, transforms how consumer brands deliver goods to customers worldwide. “Our platform facilitates a complex global supply chain, encompassing sea freight, air freight, localised warehousing, and fulfilment services,” says Ammar Moiz, the founder and CEO of Mayple. With the help of this all-inclusive strategy, brands can successfully expand their operations and attract customers from around the world.


Mayple offers an end-to-end digital supply chain solution by integrating with popular sales channels like Shopify and with plans for future expansions. Resulting in a seamless experience for both brands and their customers is ensured by this integration, which streamlines the entire process.


Mayple is supported by best-in-class investors like Jeff Weiser, the former CMO of Shopify, Alpaca VC, formerly Corigin Ventures, Irrvrnt VC, and Mu Ventures in New York.


The company is headquartered in New York with a subsidiary in Dubai, where local alliances with service providers like DHL and Dubai Commercial City, among others, offer a crucial framework for enabling this global supply chain solution.


“At Mayple, we are dedicated to empowering consumer brands with the tools and capabilities they need to expand their reach globally. By offering a comprehensive, technology-driven supply chain solution, we are breaking down barriers and facilitating efficient global trade for brands and consumers alike,” adds Ammar. 


Small and mid-sized retailers and direct-to-consumer brands (less than $200 million in revenue) need more infrastructure for a global supply chain. Mayple offers a global supply chain for these underserved brands that are ready to use immediately. Ammar shares, “In practical terms, this means a store in California can offer fast and cheap shipping to a customer in New Zealand, which would not be possible through a normal shipping service.”

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In addition, Mayple sets itself apart from other digital supply chain platforms in several crucial ways:


– Comprehensive Integration: Mayple offers a solution for comprehensive integration, going beyond just basic connectivity. It seamlessly joins up the previously disjointed silos of the global supply chain, ensuring an effective and seamless flow of products and information throughout the different phases of the distribution process, making Mayple stand out as a complete platform thanks to this end-to-end integration.


– Cutting-edge Technology: Mayple uses state-of-the-art technology to enhance the ecosystem of the supply chain. It uses AI, machine learning, and automation to increase productivity, cut costs, and enable real-time visibility into inventory, logistics, and demand forecasting. Thanks to these cutting-edge capabilities, businesses can make data-driven decisions and respond quickly to market dynamics.


– Targeted at Underserved Brands: Mayple focuses on small and mid-sized retailers and direct-to-consumer companies with annual revenues under $200 million. By concentrating on this underserved market segment, Mayple can recognise their particular problems and offer specialised solutions that will enable them to get past the obstacles posed by international distribution.


– Integrating the global supply chain seamlessly into digital and e-commerce sales channels is where Mayple shines. Because of this direct integration, companies can reach a sizable global consumer base without investing heavily in costly logistics infrastructure. Mayple enables brands to effectively increase their reach and drive sales by streamlining the process.


Thus, Mayple distinguishes itself as a cutting-edge platform by providing thorough integration, advanced technology, a focus on underserved brands, and seamless e-commerce integration. This platform caters to companies’ unique requirements and challenges in the digital supply chain space. Our core focus lies in serving global retailers and direct-to-consumer businesses that operate through popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify,” states Ammar. According to Ammar, while these companies have successfully increased their global reach and boosted sales using platforms like Instagram and Shopify, they need help building a solid logistics infrastructure to serve their diverse global customer base efficiently.

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Additionally, Mayple’s platform enables them to agnostically link individual e-commerce stores with the backend of WMS providers, last-mile carriers, and freight consolidators/shoppers, ensuring that smaller shops/sellers have access to a vast global supply chain network. “Re-regulation and customs import-export procedures: through our partner network, we are integrated with the Dubai Customs Blockchain solution making it seamless for us to bulk import and re-export SKUs individually,” shares Ammar. 


They are harnessing the power of data and AI forecasting models to revolutionise store inventory management. Ammar comments, “Our cutting-edge technology enables brands to proactively identify inventory needs and optimise sell-through rates, keeping them one step ahead of their customers’ demands.” Their dedication to data protection and privacy sets them apart. They offer useful insights across the entire e-commerce landscape, encompassing various categories and industries, by anonymising the data they collect.


Ammar feels that due to its advantageous location and well-developed logistics infrastructure, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become a key player in facilitating international trade over the past century. “As we witness the transformative impact of e-commerce and the disruption of traditional cross-border trade, we firmly believe that the UAE is poised to assume an even more significant role. In line with this vision, we are dedicated to constructing a cutting-edge digital platform that harnesses the full potential of the UAE’s logistics infrastructure to empower sellers and buyers worldwide, enabling seamless direct-to-consumer transactions,”


The UAE’s strategic location has long been a driving force for global trade as a vital link between numerous regions. By taking advantage of this advantageous position, their platform seeks to revolutionise direct-to-consumer commerce by utilising the UAE’s superior logistical capabilities.


“Our platform is uniquely positioned to leverage the UAE’s commitment to customs modernisation and trade facilitation. We will harness these advancements to expedite customs clearance processes and minimise trade barriers, making cross-border transactions more efficient and seamless than ever,” highlights Ammar. 


They believe that they are in the early innings of e-commerce growth worldwide. “Our business model enables retailers and sellers all around the world to transact with customers around the world seamlessly. We enable the direct physical distribution of goods for sellers previously reliant on distributors, large retailers and conglomerates,” concludes Ammar. 

From Logistics News ME July 2023 Issue.