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In conversation with: Luca Sra, EMEA Iveco Brand Business Director

Construction Business News speaks to Luca Sra, Emea Iveco Brand Business Director Africa &Middle East


What is IVECO’s brand perception in the Middle East and, more specifically in Saudi Arabia?

Iveco is a growing brand in Middle East and is working to achieve a leading position, as we did in Oman in 2015. Saudi Arabia is a priority for us since it is the biggest market in the region

Where does Iveco stand in relation to the competition and what are Iveco’s USPs?

Our USPs are: Technology, as our Cursor engines; Sustainability through alternative tractions, CNG/LNG, full line up; total cost of ownership and the relationships we maintain with our business partners.

What is the importance of the Saudi market to Iveco?

Saudi Arabia is by far the largest market in Middle East with a strong economy and it is a market with lots of business potential for our group. It’s the first priority for the growth in the region

What are IVECO’s business plans for the region and Saudi Arabia for both the short and long term?

We are analysing with FAMCO all business opportunities. The key priority is to grow together in order to provide the best service for our customers and we also plan to grow our business exponentially over the next five years.

What is Iveco’s full offering?

Iveco full offering ranges from light to heavy, from budget to premium, with a choice of alternative fuels. Iveco is the only truck manufacturer that provides the full range of on-road and off-road applications in the Middle East. We also provide tailor-made solutions to all our clients in the region, including those in Saudi Arabia.

Can you please tell us about the strategic alliance between Iveco and FAMCO group since FAMCO has acquired OMATRA? How is Iveco planning to utilize FAMCO’s well established brand name in Saudi and FAMCO’s capabilities (network and after sales support) to achieve its business plans and targeted market position? 

We have chosen one of the strongest players in the region because we are strong and winning brand. We are sure that with FAMCO we will improve substantially the level of service to our customers in Saudi Arabia. For IVECO, FAMCO represents a highly reputable company with a strong financial capability and an outstanding ability to move forward in terms of projects. FAMCO’s widespread network in Saudi Arabia provides us with lucrative business opportunities both in terms of sales and after sales services and we look forward to a establishing a very long relationship with the firm. Moreover we are proud to say that our after sales service is reaching a very high level; our customers can be sure to be followed by teams with high professionalism and our improved warranty conditions on heavy trucks in Saudi make the difference.

What is your view of these regional launches in Saudi which FAMCO has organized? In your opinion, how will these help building Iveco’s brand in Saudi and ultimately lead into lead generation and upselling?

These launches are joint activities and represent the starting point of a winning partnership. We signed with FAMCO in 2013, we have taken our time to be ready for an effective start up and a steady growth for joint business opportunities


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