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Unlocking greater business efficiency for companies by outsourcing FM operations

By Gary Reader, General Manager at ServeU Facilities Management

Every business understands that effective management and efficiency are crucial for success. As efficiency is one of the most difficult goals for many businesses to achieve, these firms concentrate on resource optimization to get the best outcomes and reduce costs. In light of this, outsourcing is undeniably a decision that businesses should make if they want to save additional costs and ensure efficient operations, especially if they rely heavily on facilities management (FM) services.

The high costs associated with hiring full-time workers, the requirement for office spaces for them to work from, and the administrative costs related to managing the team are some of the challenges that companies face when trying to maintain their building’s necessities. Consequently, your company will be able to enjoy a range of benefits by employing the assistance of an external FM service provider.

There are numerous key benefits of outsourcing, one of them being cost-effectiveness. This is crucial because doing labor-intensive, non-core work in-house will inevitably result in your company losing resources, staff time, and money. Outsourcing these tasks, however, will free up resources, allowing them to focus more on increasing business productivity and ensuring the seamless workflow of core operations. All the fixed or variable costs that could result from performing these tasks internally can be reduced or even completely avoided, when companies outsource their back-office operations or data management services to a cost-effective FM company.

An additional advantage is addressing liability concerns. Hiring an FM team or signing a contract with an FM company is a smart choice for organizations that are concerned about risks and liabilities. This is due to the fact that, in the event of an emergency, a facilities manager will swiftly take control of the situation. A designated manager can immediately take action to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all employees, in such an instance. As a result, the likelihood of expensive property damage, physical harm, and liability risks decreases, making outsourcing property maintenance a wise decision for your business.
Finally, you can be assured that facilities management tasks are being outsourced to a company that practices quality control. This is particularly beneficial when it comes to issues like security systems. System consistency and proper performance are ensured by a dedicated maintenance team, in order to keep your property as secure as possible. Likewise, any necessary repairs will also be performed as soon as possible.

Think about it this way, it is ideal to hire one FM firm that can handle everything rather than engaging various staff to perform various facilities management chores. FM companies today do more than just clean and maintain. Security, energy management, lifeguard services, infrastructure maintenance and repairs, civil maintenance, pool maintenance, heating and cooling system maintenance, and other services are among the things they offer. Additionally, businesses don’t need to invest in new technologies because FM companies already have the tools needed to improve, rectify, or restore these services.

More and more businesses are starting to understand the significance of facilities management. Today, several private and public projects, including construction, infrastructure, energy, etc, are driving an increase in demand for FM services in the Middle East. Ultimately, how you manage your costs and allocate resources for your business determines the success and efficiency of your operations.