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Here’s Why It’s a Good Time to Buy International Real Estate

By Mohamad Itani, CSMO at United Real Estate (URC) – Prior to that, he was the CEO of Esrar Real Estate, a specialized sales & marketing real estate consultancy firm working in Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the region. Regarded as a seasoned real estate professional & consultant, his services extend to several countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Maldives, Turkey & Spain.


“Shall I buy a property out of my country? Is it rewarding to invest in international real estate?”.

At a certain moment, each one asks him/her-self this question.

In this article, I will list the main reasons behind international real estate investment.

Out of boundaries expansion

The objective of worthwhile real estate contribution is broadening your risk across various investments. Overall, one should never set up his assets in one place. The real estate market is nowhere near static, and financial circumstances influence the real estate market, whether negative or positive, intensely. Putting resources into international real estate is an excellent method for expanding your portfolio with a worldwide edge. You spread your investment risk all over the planet by putting resources into foreign real estate markets. International real estate markets move in various or even inverse headings allowing foreign markets to offer a greater chance for rapid development and abundance that is more fantastic.

Availability & globalization

Innovation is upsetting how we convey, carry on with our lives, and lead business. It is making things open, more straightforward, and quicker. With the assistance of innovation and globalization, we are becoming more educated. We can get to a wide range of data, secure information, and remain associated in quicker and more viable ways which makes international real estate feasible for anybody. You can look and track down worthwhile unfamiliar markets to put resources into a moment without investing much.

A second income

Buying a property for investment will always assure you a steady second income. Hence, investing in low tax or growing economies countries will increase your chances of getting a higher income than your own country in most of the cases. Strong and emergent economies represent a great chance to look for investment there depending on the political stability of these countries


Falling in love  

With the city. Many people buy real estate because they fall in love with the city they visit and decide for long stays during certain seasons. So buying a property might be cheaper than staying in hotel and leasing the space in the person’s absence will assure a steady income.


What are the best countries to buy properties in

US, China, Dubai, Spain, Germany, UK and Turkey were always hot spots many years but I do expect new rising destinations like Greece, Georgia, Cyprus and Italy. Not enough? Well look into Croatia, Hungary, Holland, Belgium and France. A good project could be found anywhere.

Despite what is the happening in Europe, the best time to buy real estate is always NOW.


Distinguish your objectives before investing in international real estate

There is a wide range of real estate, and it is vital to consider your goals — both present moment and long haul — while settling on a conclusion about the kind of property you need to contribute.

For instance, would you like to put resources into private property that you can use as a country estate and a wellspring of rental payment when you are away? Alternatively, on the other hand, would you like to put resources into a commercial real estate that will be leased? Or you will invest in a development by buying off plan to start seeing benefits immediately?

An article in Forbes accentuates that you ought to have explicit objectives when you choose to put resources into real estate. The responses to a portion of the inquiries above can assist you as you begin.

For instance:

  • By and significant, in the space where you need to purchase?
  • Is it a fast-moving business sector or an economically tight market?
  • Can you make money on the off-chance that you choose to sell soon?
  • What is the drawn-out financial standpoint for the area where you are considering a property investment?



So, what you really want in a property?

When you recognize your enormous scope objectives and the region where you need to put resources into international real estate, your subsequent stage ought to be choosing the sort of property you need and its particulars. For instance, you could ask yourself; how huge or little do I have to maintain the property?

Assuming you are thinking about a private real estate investment, would you say you will put resources into a property that will expect you to lease it out? What is your optimal spending plan, and what is the extreme sum you will pay?

Furthermore, while thinking about your financial plan, remember tax collection. Each nation has special property charge regulations.

If you are planning to buy a foreign property in the near future, I always suggest hiring a qualified consultant for this. Paying a brokerage fee for a continuous peace of mind is sure worthy.