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Dubai Real Estate In Need Of Proptech Revolution To Reach New Heights

by Gaurav Aidasani, Founder & Managing Director, Union Square House Real Estate Broker

The real estate industry in Dubai is ripe for disruption. With the emergence of PropTech, more and more innovative ways to use technology in the property sector are being explored. This new wave of technology has the potential to revolutionize the way real estate developers, property managers, landlords and brokers do business, helping the entire industry reach new heights of success.

PropTech offers numerous benefits for those in the real estate industry. It can help them automate their processes so they can focus on other areas of their business or offer additional services to customers. PropTech can also reduce overhead costs related to managing properties, enhance communication between landlords and tenants, and keep customer data secure with advanced encryption technologies.

Psychometric mapping
Uncovering the perfect fit between a certain project and a resident, psychometric mapping draws on personality and lifestyle traits to guide real estate decisions. By pairing compatible individuals or families with suitable developments, this PropTech solution could save time and ensure a satisfactory outcome for developers, brokers, residents and the community at large.

Auto-tenant screening
PropTech solutions can help real estate professionals automate the tenant screening process to identify the best prospects for rental properties. By selecting an ideal tenant, landlords save time, money and avoid frustration. Evaluating a potential tenant’s credit and background can save landlords headaches in the long run, making it an invaluable precaution worth undertaking.

Digital contracts
PropTech can enable landlords and tenants to easily create, store, track and modify rental contracts so they are always up to date with the latest regulations and requirements around the rented property and potential rental increments. This provides a clear window of insight into the rights and expectations for both tenants and landlords, allowing both parties to remain aware of changes at any point.

Mobile payments
Rental payments via mobile represents another example of how PropTech is revolutionizing the real estate industry. Companies are now using digital payment systems that allow tenants to make payments through their devices, eliminating the need for cheques or cash payments. There are also apps that allow landlords to manage multiple properties from one platform, allowing them to quickly view tenant data such as payment history or maintenance requests without having to manually search through multiple documents or databases.

Property Management Software
Through a Property Management Software, real estate firms can efficiently manage multiple portfolios such as leases, tenancy agreements, rent payments and maintenance requests from one place, thereby streamlining operations and reducing manual errors.

Predictive analytics
PropTech offers valuable insights into the real estate industry through data analytics that allow stakeholders to make informed decisions quickly and effectively. Predictive data analytics can also provide investors with real-time insights into future market movements, allowing them to take an anticipatory approach to investment, thereby making more informed decisions and closing lucrative deals in a timely manner.

AI Brokers
AI brokers are an increasingly popular real estate option globally as more realtors shift to modern, tech-driven solutions. As a real estate partner, AI brokers can generate real estate leads, uncover market trends and leverage predictive analytics to identify ideal marketing strategies for properties. This allows realtors to save time, effort and financial resources by enabling AI brokers to do a lot of the work for them. In essence, AI brokers provide more efficient and accurate services than humans could on their own, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking to maximize their real estate business’s potential. AI brokers can also help buyers gain access to accurate data about all available listings, thus saving search time and effort when looking for a property rental or purchase deal.

Automation of real estate transactions
PropTech can automate real estate processes such as listings, marketing and transaction management, which could translate into time and money savings.
VR Tours
Virtual reality tours are being increasingly used to give prospective customers an immersive experience, allowing them to explore properties without having to physically visit or ever leave their homes or offices.