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SDLG introduces its first asphalt compactor to Middle East and Africa

As infrastructure projects increase across the region, in order to satiate the growing demand for construction equipment that is both affordable and reliable, SDLG have unveiled their first asphalt compactor.

The reason for the expanding demand of equipment comes due to an uptick in infrastructure spending, especially in Africa, spearheaded by the World Bank. The continent has seen a swell in dealings with both China and India. Kenya recently announced one of its largest infrastructure projects yet-  a railway funded and built by the Chinese.

As a Chinese company, SDLG is strategically positioned to take full advantage of their pre-existing, seasoned dealer network.  One recent deal saw the company supply 58 units to a Saudi Arabian company for a nation-wide road maintenance project.

The firm claimed that the new compactor is meant to further satiate this demand. It’s a double drum model that places emphasis on durability and solid technology. The SDLG RD730, a three-tonne capacity double drum asphalt compactor, is the flagship model of a new generation of hydraulic, double-drum vibratory rollers from SDLG.

Shahir El Essawy, SDLG’s business director in the region, says: “In Africa, wherever one travels, it seems they will find road-building crews these days. And in the Middle East, recent projects, such as the opening of a 62-km highway from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, show that demand is increasing for reliable construction equipment that can maintain uptime on the job site and return on investment for their owners. The SDLG RD730 is ideal for these types of projects, as it provides a great value proposition, houses reliable technology and is supported by a global leader in construction equipment.”

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