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CBNME FM Power 30 2021 News

CBNME FM Power 30: Greg Ward, Managing Director at Transguard Grooup Ranks 11th

Managing Director Greg Ward has led Transguard Group through 4+ years of continual, record-breaking financial growth by strengthening Transguard’s robust business platform, deepening the company’s commitment to customer service and expanding its portfolio to include new revenue streams (including Transguard Living, Transguard Delivery, Transguard Misting Stations and more).
To do this, Greg made it a priority to embed operational efficiencies into everything we do, an approach that has consistently added to our bottom line. This, in turn, has inspired teams of talented men and women to dedicate countless hours to ensure that Transguard conducts its operations not only efficiently, but with integrity, agility and to the highest possible quality.

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