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Emirati youths boost the overall real estate sector in Dubai

The real estate sector in the UAE is witnessing a major turnout by Emirati youth as a forethought and smart investment that secures their future and preserves their savings, especially in new strategic projects that meet their ambitions and provide them with the necessary amenities to lead a productive and sustainable lifestyle.

On that account, Joya Blanca, a project developed by “Green Yard Properties Development”, presented a modern model of residential units that meet the desires of investors, namely the youths, to invest as of the beginning of their professional careers due to various incentives and payment facilities, while maintaining a level of high standards and luxurious lifestyle they are seeking.

Smart design, high quality, competitive price

From this perspective, the project’s smart design fully exploits the building space which provides a wider housing capacity in relation to the construction area, while still maintaining competitive prices ranging between 328,000 and 355,000 AED for a studio which are convenient for everyone, in addition to offering a variety of flexible payment plans. By this, the project would be accomplishing the challenging commercial equation of providing the largest housing area, using the best construction materials, at a competitive selling price.

By that, the Joya Blanca project was preferred by youths in their twenties who accounted for 85% of total project’s investors, and 10% from outside the UAE and 5% residents. This is an indicator to the youths’ awareness of the importance of investing in property, especially in residential projects that fall within their capacity by offering flexible payment plans that will secure their savings at the same time.

The young investors, after a personal visit to the Joya Blanca construction site to follow-up on the execution process that will fully completed in the fourth quarter of 2022, considered that their investment in this project is a safe one which will secure their future and social stability. They showed great confidence in the developer as a result of quick project completion, in addition to depositing a 50% of the project value as guarantee at the Real Estate Regula-tory Agency “RERA” in Dubai, and the company’s reliable record of delivering previous projects.

From his side, Engineer Mahmoud Awad, Managing Director of “Green Yard Properties Development”, confirmed that “despite the various challenges the world is witnessing, we were able to provide a sustainable solution for people who are wishing to invest in property by offering high-end residential units in a remarkable location and within reasonable and competitive prices. We have noticed after the project launch that the majority of investors are Emira-ti youths who have realized the immediate as well as long-term benefits our project can offer them, and realized that such move is the cornerstone of their professional journey and will contribute to revitalizing the economic and social cycles of our country, and reinforce its position as a prospering and leading destination for investment.”

Awad also added that the company was keen on choosing high-quality build-ing materials compliant to international standards, some fully manufactured in the UAE which prides itself with its distinctive quality that corresponds to the standards we adopt in our projects. Thanks to the hard and continuous efforts, we surpassed the schedule set for the completion of the construction phases by more than a month, and seek to further increase the pace of work, take advantage of the moderate atmosphere, and complete additional mile-stones in the project in order to maintain our investors’ confidence.

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