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Leminar will distribute Hattersley HVAC products in Kuwait

Leminar Air Conditioning Company has been appointed the exclusive distributor for Hattersley’s full range of HVAC and Plumbing valves in Kuwait, building on their existing partnership in the UAE.

The HVAC specialist will supply Hattersley’s traditional valves, including ball, butterfly, check, gate and globe valves as well as a range of balancing solutions for constant and variable flow systems for customers in Kuwait.

The agreement was signed between Richard Tuck, President of Hattersley and Navin Valrani, CEO of Leminar Air Conditioning Company.

Tuck said: “The Hattersley brand is synonymous with quality, reliability and service to the very highest standards and we insist on having partners who can match up to us. Leminar exceeded the expectations and played an important role in strengthening our regional presence. With their continued support, we hope to achieve remarkable success in Kuwait as well.”

Valrani said: “As a business, it has been our strategic objective to add reputed brands to our portfolio. In 2013, when the alliance with Crane materialised, we were confident this was a brand which had so much to offer on projects in the region. The success we found in the UAE proved us right and we look to repeat the same in Kuwait.”

Hattersley, which originated in the UK, is part of Crane Building Services and Utilities. It will be one of Leminar’s key principal suppliers in Kuwait along with other significant brands like Georg Fischer, RUUD, Mueller, Alfa Laval, NAPCO, Winters, Armacell and Clima Uno.

Earlier in the year, Leminar had also formalised a distribution agreement with Mesan USA for the supply of its CTI certified products in Kuwait.

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