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#19 Alec

Within the last three to six years, UAE-based ALEC has expanded the business into Qatar and Oman while the core business has diversified with the introduction of the related businesses and extending its capabilities. ALEC aims to create a platform where it can be involved in every stage of the project – from the initial build, right through to the end maintenance.

In 2016, the company is looking at further expansion and acquiring stakes in more businesses. Related business units include ALEMCO (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) – provides fully engineered electromechanical and building services solutions to construction projects. ALEC PRECAST – which focuses on the design, manufacture, and installation of decorative architectural precast products.

ALEC FITOUT – a business unit who offers full turnkey interior solutions. Smart4Powerenergy efficiency solutions for existing buildings (2014). ALEC Energy – a provider of solar energy solutions for commercial industry (2015). Hestia – Facilities Management (2015). AJI Rentals- leasing of access rental platforms to construction industry (2016).

“There are some very interesting and exciting projects in the pipeline for the UAE at the moment which create many opportunities for ALEC,” says Kez Taylor. “It is a great market to be involved in as many of these projects are bespoke, high quality builds and this fits well with our diverse project portfolio to date.” Aligning the industry to ensure all parties and stakeholders work together effectively is where the challenge is, Taylor says. “If a project is to be successful, delivered on time and to the highest standard of quality, then everyone involved in bringing that project together must all be working towards a common objective. Creating an environment where constraints and conflicts of interest are resolved quickly is often the main challenge in any project.”

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