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French companies show their loyalty to the BAUMA Munich show

A must-attend event for any construction and ministry industry professional, BAUMA, the reference triennial event, gives exhibitors the world over the chance unveil their innovative ideas to the show’s audience of professional visitors. Under the aegis of Business France, the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, 28 French companies will exhibit their technologies and innovations at the BAUMA Show, from April 8-14, 2019 in Munich.

The quality of the structures produced by French companies is recognized as much nationally (in particular with the engineering and transport and development project management specialists working to build Grand Paris) and globally. The sector enjoys the know-how of multiple major corporations. France’s engineering prowess is highly-appreciated at the international level, and its material and equipment suppliers also enjoy a solid reputation.

On the strength of its 7,355 businesses and 235,300 employees, the French Public Works industry earned, in 2017, €38.6 billion in revenue in France and €30 billion internationally, up by 7.9% compared to 2016. This hike in activity is owed primarily to the Oceania (41.7%), European (+15.9%) and, to a lesser extent, Asian (+3.6%) markets. While the European market accounts for more than half of their activity worldwide, France’s companies have also become the measuring stick in other regions of the globe, earning €4.4 billion in North America, €3.8 billion in Africa, €2.3 billion in Asia, €1.9 billion in Oceania, €1.3 billion in Latin America and €1.1 billion in the Near and Middle East.

France has multiple assets to boast, including:

  • Unquestionable product quality, the renown of its architects and engineers worldwide.


  • An active Innovation and Research & Development policy.


  • Unforgiving standards: initiatives to promote prevention and safety, ensure personnel safety, and secure certification.


The France Pavilion at BAUMA will showcase a range of companies selected for the representative panorama they offer of the industry. Innovation will also be on display, with construction material and services, including equipment for working concrete and construction site equipment: lighting balloons, depth control systems, hydraulic cylinders, scaffolding, and on-site sheds. Construction machinery and vehicles will also be shown, as will air conditioning and heating solutions, safety and driving assistance systems for construction machinery or assistance or load-bearing exoskeletons.


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