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FarEye introduces new ‘On-Demand’ solution for distribution logistics industry

FarEye, a global predictive logistics platform, is eyeing the distribution logistics industry in the Middle East with its technology solution that provides real-time visibility of the goods in the supply chain. FarEye has designed an end-to-end platform to run distribution logistics and optimize goods movement.

The ‘On-Demand’ solution ensures that every received order gets accepted and catered in minimum time with least logistics cost.

The key features includes improved operational efficiency, ensure error-free Intelligent Deliveries, improve Rider’s efficiency, and data-driven business insight.

“With our efficient solution, we are helping businesses by digitalizing their Demand and Inventory planning process. Besides, it enables us to shorten the delivery time from next day to same day, transform the entire restock process to an on-demand service, and create full transparency for our clients. The rise of eCommerce logistics and increased domestic consumption will lead the way for the industry in the coming years,” said Kushal Nahata, CEO & Co-founder, FarEye.

Founded in 2015, FarEye aims to solve the complicated last-mile delivery issues on a mobile platform.

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