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Emirates SkyCargo transports 25% of Sri Lankan air exports

In 2017-18, Emirates SkyCargo has transported close to a quarter of Sri Lanka’s produce exported by air.

According to the figures released by the Emirates Colombo office, its freight division transported 27,000 tonnes of cargo from Colombo in 2017-18. Of which a significant 23 percent of the 118,000 tonnes of goods the island exported were transported by air.

Due to the amount of cargo being transported, Emirates SkyCargo has become a major carrier of Sri Lanka’s trade commodities. There are upto 28 flights from and into Colombo weekly and the capacity to carry approximately 20 tons of cargo in each Boeing 777.

Edible fish, fruit and vegetables, flowers and other cut plants and ready-made garments are among the principal exports that SkyCargo transports from Sri Lanka to markets around the world.

Emirates Cargo manager Sri Lanka and the Maldives Kapila Santhapriya: “In 2017-18, Emirates SkyCargo carried more than 7,500 tonnes of fish, which is about 40 percent of the 17,500 tonnes of edible fish that Sri Lanka exported to the USA and Europe.”



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