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CEVA upgrades Dublin warehouse, enables temperature control system

CEVA Logistics, a supply chain management company, has enhanced its capabilities in Dublin with the introduction of a 1,393 sqm temperature controlled facility at its warehouse.

The new building has been constructed as an insulated building-within-a-building on the city’s airport industrial park, and will allow it to better serve customers, with medical products requiring to be kept within a constant temperature range of 15-25 degrees.

Gary O’Connor, CEVA’s managing director for Ireland, stated: “Temperature controlled logistics are an increasingly important part of the Irish export market as life sciences manufacturing continues to grow in the country,”

He added: “This new addition to our service offering will enable us to store up to 2,100 pallets of medical products within the 15-25 degree temperature range, and cater for growing numbers of customer enquiries where temperature-controlled storage is an essential part of their business.”

To further aid the growth of CEVA’s business, the new Dublin unit features advanced air conditioning, heating, and cooling technology, complete with a Sintra system, which provides exceptional levels of clean air by using perforated ducts to diffuse the air within the facility. Having specialist clean room facilities, CEVA can also offers services such as re-kitting and reassembling in a controlled environment.

The transformed facility enables CEVA to provide customers with a 24/7 service for any goods moving through the unit as it is now fully authorised under the HPRA (Health Products Regulatory Authority) Wholesalers Distribution Authorisation scheme.

The next stage of the facility’s development, which now caters to multiple healthcare customers, will be the introduction of on-site pharmacists which will commence by the end of 2017.

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