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Bahrain home exports values touch BHD229mn in July 2018

The value of Bahrain-origin exports increased by 58% as it reached BHD229mn ($605mn) during July versus BHD145mn for the same month of 2017, the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) said in its latest foreign trade report.

The top ten countries account for 90% of the exported national origin value and 10% for other countries.

Saudi Arabia was ranked as the first country importing from Bahrain with BHD41mn, Oman was the second with BHD39mn and Egypt came third place with BHD25mn.

As for national export products, agglomerated iron ores and concentrates emerged as the top products exported in July 2018 with BHD39mn, Aluminium wire were positioned second products exported with a value of BHD35mn and unwrought aluminium stood third place for exported products with BHD21mn.

In regards to the re-exported field, the value of re-exports increased by 9% as it reached BHD48mn during July 2018 versus BHD44mn for the same month of the previous year. The top ten countries accounted for 91% of the re-exported value and 9% for other countries. Saudi Arabia was ranked as the first country to re-export from Bahrain with BHD18mn, China ranked as the second with BHD8mn and the UAE as the third with BHD6mn.

Four-wheel drive cars emerged as the top product re-exported from Bahrain with BHD8mn, Cigarettes containing tobacco came as second product with BHD3mn and mountings parts for motor vehicles came as the third with BHD1.3mn.

The trade balance, difference between exports and imports, the value of the deficit of the trade balance reached BHD209mn during July 2018 versus BHD244mn for the same month of the previous year with decrease of 14%.


The value of imports increased by 12% as it reached BHD486mn during July 2018 versus BHD433mn for the same month of the previous year, while the top 10 countries account for 69% of the imports value and 31% for other countries.

According to the report, China was ranked as the first country that exports to Bahrain with BHD69mn, UAE as the second with BHD50mn whereas Australia was ranked third with BHD50mn.

Aluminium Oxide emerged as the top product imported to Bahrain with BHD44mn, while the four-wheel drive cars as the second with BHD19mn. Non-agglomerated iron ores and concentrates were the third products with BHD16mn during July 2018.

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