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2016 CEO Power List

With many external factors affecting performance, expansion and even operations in new territories, the logistics industry has faced adverse and unique challenges over recent months. While the industry’s leaders have had to work to innovate in the face of many an obstacle, they have also had to maintain team moral, find new markets, and secISure against ever growing threats to road and maritime trade routes.

Despite global events impacting trade, the key challenges to the industry also come from within it, with competition one of the most important considerations made by a logistics business leader over the last year, especially if bidding competitively. Also on the list of concerns, the ability to adapt to and incorporate new technology and the fostering of innovation, largely through organisational culture and training.

Marking the achievements of these business leaders, Logistics News ME magazine has listed the CEOs who have shown extraordinary acumen and talent over the course of these challenges, and who have prepared adequately for the testing times ahead. The list includes names known to most in the industry, from new comers to long-standing veterans and leaders who have worked for some of the biggest names around the globe.

20 Eugene Mayne
CEO, Tristar Group

eugene-mayne-group-ceo-of-tristarYear of establishment: 1998

Location of head office: Dubai, UAE

Total employees: Globally 2,000/ 700 UAE

Years in the company: Since 1998

Tristar, which began as a fleet of three trucks in 1998, today owns and operates a fleet of 20 ships and is on target to deliver 25% growth this year, made possible by the first time acquisition of Abu Dhabi-based Eships for a deal valued at $90m and the commissioning of six brand new MR tankers under the Silver project with Shell Trading Singapore.

Now working to achieve its 2020 ambitions, Tristar is focussed on growth, identifying new markets and acquiring new tonnage to provide integrated service offerings to new and potential clients.

Tristar has also commissioned a multi-logistics polymers facility in JAFZA South, UAE to receive bulk PP/PE granules into silos and bagging of the granules by fully automated bagging operation into FFS film bags and/or big-bags. In addition, the CABS (Calcium Alkyl Benzene Sulphonate) manufacturing plant project in Hamriyah Free Zone is racing towards completion with production due to begin by early December 2016.

Group CEO Eugene Mayne says: “On the professional side we are very proud of all the successes that we have witnessed to date and are determined to continue to grow and prosper without losing sight of our humble beginnings and the need for us to continue to be a company that puts people above all else by welcoming and treating all people fairly and with respect immaterial of their ethnic background or social status.  Our Tristar Happiness Centre is testament that we are a people first company.”


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