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Fresh Paint of Coat – National Paints, Samer Sayegh

Logistics News ME talked to Mr. Samer Sayegh, Managing Director of National Paints about the company’s supply of marine paints and protective coatings

Picture: Samer Sayegh – Managing Director of National Paints

National Paints was established in 1969 and has since striven to provide products that help make people’s lives more vibrant and colorful. Founded in Amman, Jordan; the company has continuously moved forward by capitalizing on all growth opportunities and improving operating efficiency in order to expand their presence on the world stage and strengthen their product portfolio. One of the major companies under the Sayegh Group, National Paints has garnered a reputation for producing and distributing high-quality paint products and raw materials.

For marine and protective coatings, National Paints has a long-standing relationship with Transocean coatings from the Netherlands that dates back to 1988.

“We supply our Transocean range of products including anti-fouling, anti-corrosive and other paint coatings for ships and yachts, offshore and onshore rigs and for industrial installations,” said Mr. Samer Sayegh, Managing Director, National Paints.

The partnership has helped the company supply coatings and antifouling for ships and yachts as well as coatings for offshore installations and industrial structures and these products are widely recognized and used all around the globe. In 1959, a group of marine paint manufacturers from different countries joined together with the objective of pooling their research and developing resources to enable coatings to be manufactured to an identical formulation and quality all over the world.

“We are the supplier of marine paints to many esteemed organizations in this field in the UAE such as Petroleum, Construction, Oil and Gas companies and Marine Services and Drilling companies for onshore and offshore oil operations,” remarked Mr. Sayegh

The industry standards available for corrosion provide guidelines for anti-corrosion design during a vessel’s planning and construction stages, as well as protocols to follow for maintaining corrosion protection systems during the life of the ship. There are a number of standards used. For example, maintenance standards for coatings cover areas such as surface preparation, coating application, coating inspection, and how to determine coating deterioration. The standards clarify what is required and make it possible for all parties involved with ship construction and maintenance to have a comparable understanding of the requirements.

In the marine industry, paints are critical factor not only for the look, design and finishing of ships and yachts, but more importantly, paints are critical for the long life and sustenance of the vessels in marine environment, especially to ensure complete protection against corrosion.

“Appropriate paint systems for marine applications must be determined after a thorough survey of the ship or vessel and this system is dictated by the environment to which that part of the ship is exposed,” told Mr. Sayegh.

Extensive research and development work have provided National Paints and Transocean Coatings with series of products which professionals acknowledge to be complete and of high quality. Manufacturing takes place using stringent formulations; whether a product is supplied in Europe, Asia, America, Africa or Australia, the quality is guaranteed identical.

It has now grown as the third largest manufacturer of marine paints in the world, made up of over thirty-member companies and over one hundred and fifty service points. With the member companies spread over almost all the continents, Transocean enjoys a wide reach and is able to supply the shipping companies wherever their vessels go.

Ranked number 31 in global sales; number 13 among the top 25 countries in Europe and number one in the Middle East and the Arab world in both sales and production – National Paints provide various decorative, protective, automotive, marine, powder and woodcare paints. Widely regarded as the region’s largest paint consortium, the company has an annual production capacity of over 450,000 tons with an estimated USD 250 million in annual sales. They also export to 80 countries worldwide and are rapidly expanding their global presence.

The unprecedented development of the UAE since its formation in 1971 has resulted in a colossal surge in the construction industry. As such, the country now boasts an infrastructure to rival that of any of the world’s developed countries and with so much construction and building activities taking place – there has been a massive demand for paint(s). National Paints has developed alongside the UAE and evolved into a major player in the global market. One of their most in-demand and popular products is their collection of marine paint.

Mr. Sayegh concluded by saying, “Our mission is to maintain distinct relations with our clients and work with them in a team spirit in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction by providing them with high quality products using up-to-date scientific methods and techniques based on the latest research and development in the field.”

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